Success Stories

Over $100M in New Revenue Delivered
​for these Companies

Start-Up: High Tech

Challenge:  A Silicon Valley Network Virtualization Technology Start-up required an expert in operations infrastructure and sales to establish strategies for and deliver Sales Operations, Go-to-Market Plan, Key Partnerships, and Targeted Marketing to generate revenue and scale globally.

Results:  Collaborated to create the vision and delivered exceptional results.  Ignited early adoption of revolutionary technology through extensive Business Development and Marketing.  Designed, implemented and managed Sales and Marketing vision from pre-revenue through production.
High Tech Infrastructure Development by Ginger Goodspeed Pearson of Luminary Advisors
​​Key Achievements:
  • Developed solid, scalable Sales Operations Infrastructure
  • Surpassed Revenue Goals through Performance of Strategies
  • Designed Global Roll-Out Plan for Effective, Steady Growth
  • Represented Company at Nationwide Tradeshows & Events
  • Developed Partnership with RedHat and many Tier 1 Players
  • Orchestrated and Managed Evaluation Process and Procedures
  • Created all Marketing Collateral & Branding Items 
  • Implemented  and Provided Training for CRM
  • Ignited New Market for SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and SDN Virtualization
  • Analyzed Competitive Landscape and Key Drivers to Gain Quick Awareness of Competition's Solutions
  • Set Strategies for Penetrating Geographical and Market-based Opportunities
  • Gained Invaluable Marketshare with Accurate Market Penetration

Ginger was selected to introduce new technology to the highly competitive Networking / HFT space.  She determined which industries would be early adopters of new technology, and created targeted opportunities within those industries.  Markets included Global Banking, High Frequency Trading, High Performance Computing, Middleware Solution Providers, Big Data, Enterprises, Public Cloud Computing, Private Cloud Computing, and API- based solutions.  Efforts yielded early revenue and key partnerships.
Major Competitors: CISCO & Juniper Networks

Start-Up: Private Jet Aviation

Challenge: Fractional operator wished to establish a west coast FBO (Fixed Base Operation) for Private Jet Travel and to host their fractional charter service at KCMA - Camarillo, CA.  Company did not have existing FBO operations experience, but desired to compete in the highly competitive greater Los Angeles market.

Results: Transformed empty building into viable and highly regarded FBO, providing exceptional 24/7 concierge, fuel and hangar leasing services to the Private Jet industry.  Delivered double-digit increase in parent company's top-line revenue and market share gains.  Delivered triple-digit revenue increase for facility.  Catered to A and B list clientele for Fractional and Private Charters.
Private Jet Aviation Infrastructure Development by Ginger Goodspeed Pearson of Luminary Advisors
​Key Achievements:
  • Developed and Implemented all Policies and Procedures
  • Interior Design and Furnishing of Entire FBO Facility
  • Hired, Trained, Mentored and Managed Client Services Teams
  • Selected, Implemented and Trained Staff on FBO Software
  • Liaison with Local, State & Federal Government Entities 
  • Developed Key Alliances with Hotels, Caterers & Posh Car Rentals
  • Quickly Gained Considerable Market Share & Competitive Advantage
  • Increased Revenue through Hangar Leasing and Space Allocation
  • Secured Fuel Contracts with National Jet Companies
  • Represented Company at Local, Industry and Regional Events
  • Developed and Implemented Tracking System to Drive Revenue
  • Successfully Marketed Facility including all aspects of Grand Opening
  • Modeled Exceptional Leadership in 24/7/365 Environment
  • Received Most Valuable Player Award for Significant Contributions
Ginger was selected to establish West Coast presence and FBO for Avantair's Fractional Private Aircraft Charter program and the Private Jet industry.  Highly effective establishment of policies, procedures and infrastructure development was very successful, and duplicated for KPIE, the Company's headquarters.  Set new Standards of Excellence in Service for competitors on the field and in Greater LA area.  Gained Considerable Market Share.
Major Competitors: SunAir Jets - KCMA, Atlantic Aviation - KSMO, Signature & Clay Lacey Aviation - KVNY, Millionaire - KBUR, and Atlantic Aviation & Signature - KSBA

Small Business: Fire Protection Services

Challenge:  Alliance Fire Protection, a 25 year old Industrial Services Company, required complete re-branding as they sought to gain a competitive advantage and become the go-to company for fire protection services.
Results:  Significant Increase in Sales.  Successful re-branding included New Logo, Website, Vehicle Graphics and all Marketing Collateral.  New Revenue Stream and Customer Retention Program Implemented.  Developed new Sales Infrastructure, including CRM & Provided all Related Training.
Small Business Infrastructure Development by Ginger Goodspeed Pearson of Luminary Advisors
​Key Achievements:
  • Average Sale Increased >400%
  • Developed New Stream of Revenue through Care Program
  • Implemented CRM and Trained Staff to Track Sales
  • Created all Marketing Collateral including Logo & Vehicle Graphics
  • Designed, Implemented and Manage New Website
  • Increased Revenue through Solicitation of New Accounts
  • Developed and Implemented Customer Retention Program
  • Efforts Yielded Generous Increase in Market Share
Ginger was selected to provide a face-lift and infrastructure development for exceptional Fire Protection Services company serving Greater Los Angeles.  Re-branding was extremely successful and revenues continue to increase as a result.
Major Competitors: Honeywell, Fire Protection Group Inc.

Small Business: Prototypes

Challenge:  Rapid Products Solutions, a Prototype company, needed to increase sales, restore previous clients, create new key partnership, develop marketing collateral and create focused marketing plan.
Results:  Developed key partnerships which continue to heartily sustain company's bottom line.  Increased sales double-digits via marketing campaigns with new collateral, and restoration of relationships with previous clients.
Small Business Revenue Acceleration by Ginger Goodspeed Pearson of Luminary Advisors
​​Key Achievements:
  • In less than 2 weeks mastered keen understanding of Rapid Prototype Manufacturing including Urethane Castings, SLA QuickCast, Metal Castings, Sheet Metal, Vacuum Forming, Rapid Tooling and Production Processes and Techniques for a Myriad of Industries and Applications
  • Developed New Marketing Collateral & Tradeshow Displays
  • Set New Standard for Customer Service Excellence
  • Rejuvenated Past Relationships for Increased Revenue
  • Developed Partnership with Objet to Round Out Offerings
  • Traveled Internationally to Establish New Off-shore Suppliers
  • Efforts Yielded Increased Market Share & Revenue Gains 
Ginger was selected to represent company at a major industry tradeshow and create effective marketing collateral.  The relationships she established increased revenue and continue to benefit Rapid Product Solutions.
Major Competitors: Stratasys Direct, 3D Systems, Inc.

Midsize Company: Private Jet Charter Service

Challenge: Aero Air, a Part 135 Charter Operator, had several aircraft on their Certificate that were not flying often enough.  Desired increase in revenue for Aircraft on Certificates and a larger base of A and B list clientele.  24/7/365 Emergency Call-out for Life and Death Matters required Extreme Attention to Detail.
Results:  Maximized assets to increase revenue and opened new stream of revenue.  Capitalized on building an outstanding rapport with aircraft owners to proactively book additional use of aircraft. 
Set new bar for excellence in client services with exceptional care of passengers and crew.
Mid-size Private Jet Charter Company Revenue Acceleration by Ginger Goodspeed Pearson of Luminary Advisors
​Key Achievements:
  • Increased Private Jet Charter Revenue by 33%
  • Opened New Stream of Revenue through bidding of "dead heads"
  • Built Outstanding Rapport with Aircraft Owners to Increase Flights
  • Selected Aircraft and Crewed Flights for US & International Flights
  • Dispatched for Emergency Life Flight and Organ Transplants
  • Coordinated Catering and All Aircraft Services for Each Flight
  • Sought Best Fuel Prices and Services Globally to Reduce Cost
  • Coordinated all services necessary for International Flights
  • Dispatched and Scheduled Aircraft for Charters
  • Participated in Military Exercise Operations​
Ginger was selected by Aero Air to assist with coordinating private jet charter services and dispatch for Medevac and Organ Donor Services.  Mastering the intracacies of Aero Air's services within a couple weeks, she increased charter revenue by 33% in one month, and continued developing rapport with aircraft owners leading to steady increases in flights and revenue.

Major Competitors: Global Aviation & Hillsboro Aviation - KHIO and Atlantic Aviation - KPDX

Midsize Company: Silicone Formulator

Challenge:  20 year old Silicone Formulator catering to niche markets wanted to expand their presence in Western North America and Increase Market Share.  Company needed strategies for business development and grass-roots efforts to achieve their goals.
Results: Created and executed Business Development Strategies to enter 2 new vertical markets and Ignite Growth.  Trained Distributors on new markets.  Achieved Unprecedented Revenue.
Mid-size Business Revenue Acceleration by Ginger Goodspeed Pearson of Luminary Advisors
​Key Achievements:
  • Positioned Company for 3X Revenue Increase in western US
  • Positioned Company for >35% Top-Line Revenue Increase
  • Delivered 25% Increase on Existing Sales
  • Delivered 35% Increase on Distribution Sales
  • Defined & Leveraged Core Strengths to Enter 2 New Vertical Markets
  • Represented Company at Events for New Vertical Markets
  • Developed Subsantial Pipeline in Existing and New Markets
  • Developed Effective Relationships with Prime Contractors
  • Established Company as Eligible to Provide Products to Suppliers requiring ITAR and EAR Compliance
  • Developed Strategies for and executed low-cost Business Development Plan that returned Exceptional ROI
  • Exceeded All Company Goals
Ginger was selected to develop and implement growth strategies for company that had stagnated in the markets they served, and had very little brand awareness in the western US.  Opened new markets including: Aerospace & Defense and Electric & Hybrid Vehicles.  As a result, Company experienced exceptional growth.  Strategies included low-cost Business Development plan with significantly high Return on Investment (ROI). 

Major Competitors: Dow  Corning, Momentive / KKC,  Bluestar / Elkem, Wacker, Shin-Etsu, Silicones Inc,  and other Silicone Formulators.

Midsize Company: Technical & Industrial Packaging

Challenge:  26 year old Packaging company desired to expand into new markets and increase their North American manufacturing footprint.  Their vision was clear in regards to a desire to expand; but they needed strategies to determine which markets to enter and how to penetrate those markets effectively.
Results: Achieved over-the-top success in minimal amount of time with maximum results.  Opened 5 new verticals, including securing Small Business designation for Government Prime contracting.  
Mid-size Business Revenue Acceleration by Ginger Goodspeed Pearson of Luminary Advisors
​Key Achievements:
  • Increased Top-Line Revenue >20% in less than a year
  • Defined and Opened 5 New Vertical Markets for Existing Products
  • Represented Company at Tradeshows for New Vertical Markets
  • Met with over 600 Prospects and Developed Subsantial Pipeline
  • Shattered Company Record for New Business Opportunity
  • Internal Reorganization to Eliminate Bottlenecks in Quoting
  • Reduced Sales Cycle Timeline by 75%
  • Ignited Unprecedented Growth for Company
  • Researched Engineering Technologies to Gain Competitive Edge
  • Company Implemented New Technologies to Improve Quality
  • Created Opportunities for West Coast Expansion
  • Developed Relationships with Prime Contractors
  • Exceeded Company's Goals by 16X
Ginger was selected to develop and implement growth strategies for stagnant company that had maximized opportunity within the industry they serviced.  Opened new markets including: Crating, Aerospace & Defense, Renewable Energy, Industrial Machinery, and Government Contracting.  As a result, Company expanded nationwide footprint, and experienced phenomenal, unprecedented growth.  Strategies included instilling consistency in quality and changes to engineering procedures.  

Major Competitor: Nefab

Large Enterprise: Major Global Silicone Manufacturer

Challenge:  Bluestar Silicones, now Elkem, a global chemical conglomerate, and 1 of 5 major global silicone suppliers, with product lines used in over 40 unique industries, needed to increase brand awareness, restore lost accounts and pioneer new territory in western North America.
Results:  Developed strategies to exceed the vision.  Delivered exceptional, record-setting achievements with minimal expense, providing maximum value returns. 
Large Enterprise Revenue Acceleration by Ginger Goodspeed Pearson of Luminary Advisors
​Key Achievements:
  • Delivered Astounding 336% Revenue Increase for Region
  • Set Record of 119% Growth in New Share Gains
  • Increased Market Share in >20 Unique Industries
  • Personally Achieved >35% of Total New Share Gain for North America
  • Blazed New Territory and Developed Brand Awareness
  • Represented Company at Regional, National & International Events
  • Developed International Joint Venture and Key Partnership
  • Turned Around Existing Territory and Re-established Lost Accounts
  • Positioned Company as Viable Supplier to Medical Device Manufacturers via Product Trials
  • Products Now Specified for Applications with 30+-year Lifetimes
  • Closed $1.5MM Sales Contract with First Account in a Mere 106 days Despite Complete Lack of Experience within the Silicone Industry
  • Invoked Stellar Communication Skills and Ability to Work Independently and Collaboratively, through Complex Matrix, to Exceed Expectations
  • Maximized Western North America Territory Market Penetration by Increasing Distribution Sales 
  • Achieved Remarkable Growth and Share Gain through Distributors
  • Prospected, Closed, Trained and Managed 2 New Distributors
    for Different Business Units, tapping into Established Sales Relationships of their 14 Sales Representatives, and Providing them with Entirely New Complementary Product Lines
  • Appointed North American Representative for Global JV Opportunity
    Collaborated directly with Global CEO and Global Business Director
  • Received Multiple Awards for Substantial Contributions
Ginger was selected by Bluestar Silicones to increase revenue in Western North America.  Developing the strategies necessary, then following through with each one, she delivered unrivaled results including triple-digit growth, catipulting Bluestar Silicone's market share in over 20 unique and separate industries.  

Multiple Awards received from Chris York, President.
Major Competitors: Dow Chemical, Wacker Chemie, Momentive and Shin-Etsu

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